A3 & A4 size posters designs

Posters are still mainstream advertising, wherever you go advertising is seen. Make yours stand out against the rest. You can be creative and informative at the same time.

Some may contain much more information than others. The key is finding the right balance with headline, copy, images and logos. When you’ve achieved that, you’re ahead of all others. Knowing your audience is the key, colours, fonts and graphics then complement the information. A4 is a popular page size for leaflets and flyers as you have lots of room to promote your offering. It’s also a size that many of us are familiar with, and if you are printing internally to save costs, you will likely have a decent of A4 paper.

A4 leaflets and flyers are popular for trade shows and conferences, and can also be used in your shop or place of business to highlight the features and benefits of your product.